craniosacral therapy

Craniosacral therapy is a very gentle kind of bodywork using light touch.

In a session the person receiving treatment is fully clothed and resting on a massage table.

A practitioner makes light contact with the body, often focusing on areas related to the spine.

The intention is that of tuning into the body and its internal workings, just as we might try to listen to a untuned radio with all its hums and static. There is a communication there if we are willing to give it time and space.

We are rarely aware of our internal conversation: between organs and the nervous system, between bones, muscles and joints. What manifests as bodily feeling and sensation mostly becomes discernible once it signals discomfort.

A cst practitioner is trained to listen to this internal score and when thus 'heard'  the body can respond with

relaxation, adjustment and return to balance.

An image I found most helpful in describing how craniosacral therapy can help is that of somebody burdened with a load of boxes, whose shoelaces begin to untie themselves. A cst practitioner cannot make the weight disappear but for the duration of the treatment I can take the boxes off your hands so that you are free to tie your shoe laces. In the same way, the body knows what is needed and given the opportunity will naturally engage in healing.