halina baczewska
craniosacral and psychotherapy

I’m an experienced psychotherapist trained in craniosacral therapy, working in Glasgow.
My background is in meditation and Buddhist practice.
My intention is to provide a way of working that recognizes the profound interdependence of body and mind.


craniosacral therapy


music of the body

Craniosacral therapy is a very gentle way of working with
the body and tuning into the nervous system. It is a kind of
deep listening that facilitates relaxation and encourages the body's self-regulatory and healing processes.



mind in dialogue

The therapeutic relationship is about providing a space to explore our thoughts and feelings. A better understanding of our own mind and how we express it- or struggle to express it- can open up new ways of communicating and relating to ourselves,
other people and the world.

In my experience and practice the two ways of working inform one another.

My cst training has made me more sensitive to body language being a significant part of what is being communicated in 'talking' therapeutic session. In turn my experience in psychotherapy means that I have more appreciation of how physical symptoms might be related to or mental and emotional well-being.

Ultimately my intention is that of developing awareness and integrity.

 Both approaches are ways to establish a better relationship with oneself,

and consequently- with other people and the world.

I believe every person has their own unique set of circumstances and preferences:

 therefore I am open to discussing what approach might best meet your needs.


contact me

I currently work from two locations in Glasgow city centre:

mainly the Consulting Rooms,

or the Yoga Extension in Charing Cross area.

A session lasts an hour and the fee is £45, with an option of

sliding scale in case of low income.

I understand that making first contact and deciding who to work with can be a daunting experience- I have been in therapy myself.

I welcome any questions you might have and I am available for

a brief phone consultation in case you might find it helpful.

 Please get in touch by email on

 I am happy to provide the phone number upon request.

the Consulting Rooms
34 West George Street
g2 1 da

kontakt.hal (at)

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